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for a lot of sick children. dr. nancy snyderman has our report. >> reporter: when sam o'connor was born, he seemed like a picture perfect healthy boy, but just days later his parents, debra and jason, sensed something was wrong. >> he didn't move a whole lot. he was constantly sick. i mean, he was throwing up quite a bit. he looked like a miserable unhappy little boy. >> i took him to the clinic in the morning. the doctor got her first look at him. and said, i really don't want to scare you, but i want you to just put him back in the car and go straight to the hospital. >> reporter: his doctors in milwaukee, wisconsin, soon discovered sam was born with a defect. his intestines did not work and he could not absorb food. >> and so we would go through these three difs them feeding him and watching him be relatively stable to very quickly all of a sudden going very much downhill and start to dehydrate and his blood work would just be all over the place. >> reporter: even worse, the very intravenous nutrition that was keeping him alive was also simultaneously destroying his liver. in essence, sl
's been in the family since 1964. his father and uncle bought the market and ran it through sam taking it over in 1998. at that point sam revamped the market. he installed a kitchen in the center of the market and really made it a place where chefs look forward to come. he created community through food. so, we designed our community as having three parts we like to draw as a triangle where it's comprised of our producers that make the food, our staff, those who sell it, and our guests who come and buy and eat the food. and we really feel that we wouldn't exist if it weren't for all three of those components who really support each other. and that's kind of what we work towards every day. >> valley creamery was opened in 2006. the two pastry chefs who started it, chris hoover and walker who is sam's wife, supplied all the pastries and bakeries for the market. they found a space on the block to do that and the ice cream kind of came as an afterthought. they realized the desire for ice cream and we now have lines around the corner. so, that's been a huge success. >>> in 2008, sam started
? >> let me put it like this. (british) jones and the privacy act and the clientele. >> sam, sam. sam! >> yes. sorry, guv-nah, what? >> don't speak in a british accent. >> ten years i've been here talking american only to be leap frogged by a god for saken foreigner. >> okay, sam, thank you very much. any correspondent who has been here less time than i have. jessica live in the capital. jess, tell us about the day's hearings please? >> i'm sorry. i'm having trouble hearing you over this glass ceiling. ow! and it's unbreakable. all i see up there are a bunch of white penises. >> john, john. yes. i have something to say. al madrigal. hey, john, i'm here in hong kong. >> good, hong kong where of course the n.s.a. leaker edward snowden is hiding. >> when i heard snowden say he fled to hong kong because of its tradition of free speech i hopped on the plane figuring this would be the safest place for me when i told you to go [bleep] yourself. >> okay. and i don't mean that figuratively. i mean literally figure out a way, maybe through like rubber tubing, maybe through a system of weights o
gets in touch with her on the phone. she tells sam her name is jessica traverse and she's a single mom living in texas. she sends him another photo. and without ever seeing him, jessica says she's ready to fly to new york with her baby and start a new life with sam if he wires $7500 to cover her edgese expenses. sam makes it clear he has the money. >> i've got some saving, i've got some savings. >> but unstead of wiring it, he says he has a nephew who can hand deliver the money. sam's nephew is really a producer and i'm going along. we have that photo she sent. so who is this woman? >> nice to meet you. >> i'm jessica. >> she says she's jessica. >> how are you? >> jessica? really? but before we get to that, we tell her we're concerned about 76-year-old uncle sam. >> so you've got my ukle all in an uproar. i don't know what you're doing. >> what do you mean? >> he's a sweet old guy. >> i tried to talk to him today, but he didn't answer. >> i'm just going to call him and see if he's there. >> i tell her we want to make sure her heart is in the right place. >> what are you looking for in
entire towns. sam leads our extreme team coverage. >>> also breaking, hundreds of homes threatened by this massive wildfire spreading fast. thousands of people fleeing. some houses burned so completely, only a chimney is left. firefighters battling the blaze say it's still out of control. >>> new right now, the shocking headline from michael douglas. the superstar saying a sexual virus caused his cancer, not smoking and drinking. his message this morning. dr. richard besser is here. >>> i feel great. i really do. >> angelina jolie back in the spotlight for the first time since revealing her double mast ekt me. brad pitt by her side on the red carpet. the effect on their entire family. >>> and good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. a lot to get to today. robin off. elizabeth vargas is here. sam back just in time for the severe weather. >> welcome back, sam. so much wild weather this weekend. the final remnants of the violent storm that clobbered oklahoma, sending harsh winds and rains into the northeast. six people are still missing in the midwest over the weekend. am
in florida. most of the state under a tornado watch at this hour, and sam is live in the storm zone. >>> breaking new details on paris jackson. >> female, 15, od'd on 20 motrin and cut her arm with a kitchen knife. >> michael jackson's only daughter rushed to the hospital. was it a cry for help, and were clues missed by everyone around her? the dramatic new details about her suicide scare. >>> miracle in philadelphia. the survivor in that massive building collapse found alive 13 hours after the accident. first responders on the verge of giving up when they found her. inside the dramatic rescue. >>> twist of fate, the biggest payout in lottery history goes to an 84-year-old mom of four. now $370 million richer. we want you to meet the woman who let the winner go ahead of her in line and score the golden ticket. >>> i wonder what she says. good morning, everyone, on this friday eve. lara is off today. good to have paula faris here with us, and as always we have a lot to get to including that explosive report overnight that the national security agency has been collecting customer phon
after leaving so much damage in its path. sam is in gulfport, florida, where he has been tracking the very latest for us. good morning, sam. >> hey, good morning, robin. good morning, josh, and this is a perfect example, first a storm of the season shows you don't have to be on the coastline to be a little concerned about tropical systems. check out the damage in gulfport. this is just one of the restaurants that was damaged. a powerful enough tornado, andrea, to drop down a 200-year-old cedar tree and throw it into that restaurant so inland areas in the storm with the heavy rain, tornados, a real problem. this is just day one. more of andrea ahead. this dramatic surveillance video shows how even a tropical storm can produce major trouble. one of andrea's tornadoes ripping through this gulfport, florida, restaurant. >> this happened while we were closed, thank goodness. nobody was injured. >> reporter: winds of at least 65 miles an hour sending residents scrambling across the sunshine state. one reported tornado going through loxahatchee. >> this comes through a block wide and doe
such as john adams and sam adams were out of town when all of this was beginning to unleash. and tensions were escalating with the boston port act, but it was really an act that followed this, one of many acts, the massachusetts government act which robbed the town not only of its commercial way of life, but of its government. the entire province lost its, the town meetings were basically outlawed except for an annual one, and town meetings had been the fundamental way of life of the town. they had also been the fundamental lifeblood of the patriot movement. because it was sam adams who really was in many ways the presiding presence as tensions built between great britain and the american colonies, particularly in massachusetts. and it was -- but he had a problem. by 1772, two years after the boston massacre, an unsettling calm was settling on boston. the patriot movement was losing steam. and it was in that fall that he instituted the boston committee of correspondence. and it was a brilliant move, because what he did was create a network of communication that had never existed before in whic
political editor and white house correspondent for "the huffington post" sam stein is with us as well. shall we launch into this awkward open of the zimmerman trial. >> let's do it. >> the much-anticipated murder trial of neighborhood watchman george zimmerman is officially under way. we heard now how the defense started. here's how the prosecution began its opening statements. >> [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ] they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth as he followed in the dark a 17-year-old boy who he didn't know. [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ], they always get away. those were the words in that defendant's head just moments before he pressed that pistol and nu trayvon martin's chest and pulled the trigger. >> that's how you start a trial. and immediately puts the jury in the mindset of the guy carrying the gun. i mean, again, i -- >> this is technique. >> i think the prosecution has such a difficult case to make but i will tell you what, what's critical in this obviously will be the mindset and -- >> that was the way to do it as opposed to knock knock, john
. as well from florida all the way up the coast. sam is here with the latest. >> looking at pictures of west dalton, missouri. you have to imagine it's 8:30 at night when the sirens blare and 500 in the town have to head to higher ground much the levee broke and they worked all day hoping for the best. 12 feet higher than flood stage in that area and this is just part of the flooding in the mississippi, missouri and illinois river. 20 inches of rain in some cases in those areas. an awful lot of water to overcome. from memphis to st. louis to davenport and looking into chicagoland, even this is the area of flooding. 139 river gauges in flooding. there is something else i want to show you that's been happening in the last few hours. and this really started yesterday but really has gotten itself together today. it is a tropical low. not a tropical storm. not a named tropical entity at this point. and because it's so close to land, we really don't give it a huge chance. maybe 30% of development. early in the weekend is when we started the tropical season but in comes this rain. this will be an i
records today for millions. up to 120 degrees in places. sam champion and ginger zee, with how to stay cool today. >>> new this morning, one of the country's highest-ranking military officials, now the target of a justice department leak investigation. did this top obama deputy spill high-level details about a secret attack on iran's nuclear program? >>> also breaking now, police search aaron hernandez's million-dollar home overnight, as we learn he is now being investigated for two more murders in boston. how did this $40 million man even get on the field in the first place? >>> and twitter tirade. alec baldwin unleashing a new rant, taking aim at accusations that his wife was tweeting up a storm at james gandolfini's funeral about rachael ray and her anniversary. but is the proof in the posts? we'll show you. >>> and a good friday morning to you all. great to have amy here. and lots to get to, including the massive crowd at central park this morning. the day dawned bright and dry. and they've been lined up all night for demi lovato. a year ago, one of the best concerts of our summer
. >> calendar model, sam stein. >> sam is a little upset. more breaking news this morning. google glasses, they have actually denied an app for pornography so sam stein can't go around in his google glasses watching porn. >> look how creepy that is. >> isn't that a first amendment violation? >> i thought this was america. >> not having a porn app on your google glasses. >> i want to see his calendar picture. >> what is this calendar? what is that? >> sam, would you like to share? >> are you on one of those firemen calendars? >> sort of. go ahead, sam. talk to us. >> so i'm not on a firemen calendar although i do that in the past. we're on this calendar, the race for women challenge calendar. the men of the huffington post helped put together a calendar. it's a promotional item. >> we don't care about the details. what are you wearing? >> this is an awkward segment for me on "morning joe." >> no one is shirtless, joe! no one is shirtless! >> so they get a lot of in other words together on the calendar. >> is that ryan green in the center? >> it's ryan grim and arthur delanie and zach carte
phone call. we'll talk to jonathan karl about that. >>> first to sam in clearwater. so much of the state bracing for tropical storm andrea and, sam, you've already had tornado warnings this morning. >> we've had tornado warnings all around us this morning. it's exactly what you expect when these feeder bands of the storm tart to work off the gulf and onshore through southern and central florida. now, let's get adjusted to where the storm is, the first named storm of this season came before we got a week into the season. this is the radar, 200 miles off the shore where we are right now and look at these enormous bands of 240r78s, the first one that came through florida, doing damage, as well, as we've been able to see. the second one loading up is about to come through later. now, look at the watches and warnings. not only do we have that peninsula, but look at the east coast from flagler beach all the way up the eastern seaboard, there storm will have very strong winds and even coastal impacts but mostly it's going to have rain. by thursday night we feel like this moves into the big bend
by mr. lee, his wife and part-time employee. but now if you visit sam bruno and go to the bakery you will see he has 13 employees and it's open 7 days a week. red house bakery and cafe is the oldest business that is currently still operating. they are known for their beautiful and tasty wedding cakes. besides being very delicious, they are a work of art. not only is he a successful business owner but a proud parent of two children studying dentistry. if you eat too much cake you have to go to the dentist at some point. you must be very proud of them. he taught his children the philosophy that in order to be successful you need to work hard and dedicated and passionate about your work. he's so dedicated to his bakery that even when he broke his leg, he's still in the kitchen creating more than 30 different kinds of breads and paste pastry. it's a center for this community and an example of community base entrepreneurship. on behalf of the board of supervisors, mr. lee, it is my honor to give you this certificate for your dedication to sam bruno avenue for your thoughtful approach to
>>> coming up,ed from de sam has aria from cambodia. can factories keep costs low enough to stay in business, and yet pay leaiving wage? and lucky severson on helping veterans continue their mission here at home. >> every single one of them told me they want to find a way to continue to serve. >> major funding for "religion &etics news weekly is provided by -- >>> welcome. i'm kim lawton sitting in for bob abernethy. six weeks after the boston bombings, muslim leaders are looking for ways to combat radicalization. the suspects were apparently influenced by online interactions. at a washington briefing, boston imam suharb webb acknowledged that some were aware of tsavraev's extreme views. muslim leaders must be more proactive in addressing extremism, but must we able to do that without heightened fear of scrutiny and law enforcement. >> we need to be given in leeway to engage this problem. the fact that the tsavraev brother wasn't able to sit down with an imam and go through kou counseling is a problem on our side of the fence. i need to sit down with someone without being worried
people at risk. the morning commute will be a mess. sam is tracking the latest. >>> breaking overnight, brace yourself. stocks tanking around the world right now. the dow on track for its longest losing streak this year. what's driving the plunge and what it means for your wallet. >>> poison plot. the actress, mother of five who set up her spouse to take the fall for sending deadly letters to the president, she's now been charged. so, why did she do it? we'll hear from him this morning. ♪ hey baby >>> and it's the marriage proposal that will have you smiling all day. he rented out an entire movie theater to ask his girlfriend to say yes with the help of everyone they know. so, was it a hollywood ending? we'll talk to them live. >>> good morning america. robin and lara off today, great to have amy with us, paula with us here. those storms, take a look. lightning strike overnight, direct hit on the willis tower in chicago. now huge storms heading for the east coast. sam, how bad is it going to get? >> we can say not as bad yesterday as we anticipate buddha a whole range of storms. and
folks for their political beliefs. thank you, gang. >>> it's not just uncle sam. private companies making it too dficultor government encies to snoop on you. that's coming up at the bottom of the ur. >>> first,e's been called a traitor. the whistleblower just taught us college is a waste of money. ♪ we don't need no education w shift. i'm kelly wright. see you at 1:00 eastern time. now back to "foes on business." >>> well, you know him as thehe guy who leaked the super classified nsa surveillance program. did you so know that ed snowden is a high school dropout who was reportedly making, by the wa $122,000 a year. this ultra-high-security job and you say this is more evidence that college just isn't worth the expense. $122,000? i started out at $19,000 a year with a college degree way back at th crack of down. listen, don't get an accounti degree and get a good technical and engineering degree and buy a use instead. listen, henry ford, john d. rockefeller didn't go to colleg they did pretty well by thselves. >> rick, on the other hand, it is true that the median salary of high sc
be playing for a title. >> i am looking forward to it. >>> sam, you're going to guarantee good weather there? >> yeah. didn't they build a protective cover over that for that reason? we're going to start with a very clear separation for one part of the country is enjoying summer and what part is wetter than normal. we're going to start with video out of philadelphia. this is part of the wet going on in the eastern part of the nation. yeah, take a look at this. another day of heavy rain and the powerful afternoon thunderstorms. violent thunderstorms will erupt in the eastern half of the country again today. indianapolis, chicago, new york, washington, d.c., atlanta, little rock, oklahoma city, all involved in this. and then, look at the western half of the country that is just searing in this heat. oklahoma city, 102 today. and dallas at 101 today. that's the first 100-degree reading. >>> and coming up on "gma," the latest on aaron hernandez. why a piece of bubble gum at the crime scene may have sealed his fate. he's behind bars right now. the crime scene may have sealed his fate. he's behind
watch at this hour and sam is live in the storm zone. >>> breaking new details on paris jackson. >> female, 15, od'd on 20 motrin. >> was it a cry for help and were clues missed by everyone around her? the new details about her suicide scare. >>> miracle in philadelphia. the survivor in that massive building collapse found alive 13 hours after the accident. first responders on the verge of giving up when they found her insi inside the dramatic rescue. >>> twist of fate, the biggest payout in lottery history goes to an 84 mom of four. we want you to meet the woman who let the woman go ahead of her in line and score the golden ticket. >>> i wonder what she says. good morning, everyone, on this friday eve. lara is off today. good to have paula faris here with us and as always we have a lot to get to including that exclusive report overnight that the national security agency has been collecting customer phone records for millions of americans. >> a record of every single verizon phone call. we'll talk to jonathan karl about that. >>> first to sam in clearwater. so much of the state
and jason jones. they join usnow from toronto. sam, thanks for-- sam. >> yes. (cheers and applause) sam, it was supposed to be awe and jason, where is jason. >> oh, he'll be right back. he's just buying some crack. >> jon: wait, jason, crack. >> yeah, he's canadian! jon, we all do it, smoking crack is one of canada's most cherished pastimes. >> jon: so -- >> sorry i'm late. i was just buying some crack. (laughter) it's one of canada's most cherished pastimes. >> i already said that. >> sorry about that, i'm just whacked out of my mind on crack. >> jon: jason, that's an awful lot of crack you've got there. >> well, i've got three kids at home, jon. and they all smoke crack. >> jon: i'm-- my mine is blown here, you know. its canadian past time i think of canada i think of politeness and clean streets and -- >> well, sure, jon, it's all of that on the surface. >> and just under that surface is a thick layer of crack. >> yeah. >> jon, canada is not like the postcards you buy at niagara fall, it's like the postcards you buy from the guy in toronto whose [bleep] you suck for crack. >> jon: wh
and sam ford is outside with the latest on the investigation and recovery. sam? >> yes, gordon, we're here on pennsylvania avenue where traffic is flowing once again. workers have put fencing around fragers hardware store and they are boarding it up. they have been here since the fire was brought under control yesterday. so far, no word on how the fire started, only where. with the fire finally out the investigation is under way into what caused the fire that flared up in this walkway and then consumed the paints center and hair ware store. firefighters compare it to ighting a home depot fire in 7-eleven. a >> customers were wearing the t shirts. the outdoor flower section is still viable. staffers posed for a picture. neighborhood groups like the critical foundation compared this to the fire of 2007 saying they will be lobbying for the city's help. >> as individuals we'll let them know how important this institution is to the community. >> their hope is to rebuild. employees were in a near bihome. >> the community is going to getting together. >> we're going to rebuild. e're not going an
of a business that some call the cheers of hardware scores -- cheers of hardware stores. d.c. -- sam ford is live on this angle of the story. if you own a house, frager's hardware has been a part of your life. a good deal of the community was at on the sidewalks around the store today, stunned by what they saw. the residence of capitol hill and other neighborhoods, frager 's was more than just a hardware store. since 1920, it has become an institution. the crowds came out to lament. >> you going to your christmas trees. it had everything. it is really sad that it is burning. >> they had it all. blowbig snowstorm will into washington, and crowds would make their way to frager's. the speaker of the house could be found there. they gave manye neighborhood kids their first job. workedybody you know there. >> one of the owners said his biggest concern now is for the many loyal employees. >> we have to make sure they understand that we are not going to abandon them. we are going to try to call everyone who works for us and try to assure them we are not gone. >> there was nothing he could do but
of low pressure by the time it gets to you. >> okay, sam. you can see it come down so hard. >> i now, such a large area affected. >>> now to the sudden building collapse, the death toll at six. rescue crews have been searching for survivors for almost 24 hours now and abc's ron claiborne has the latest from the scene there in philadelphia. good morning, ron. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, robin. take a look at that tangled mess there behind me. all those tons of debris and rubble, it's really hard to believe that anybody could be alive underneath all of that and that's not what rescue workers were finding. they were looking in there, did not find anybody alive for many hours and just before midnight came the stunning announcement, there was a survivor. just before midnight with hope to find someone still alive, all but extinguished, it happened. this video obtained exclusively by "gma" shows 61-year-old myra plekam being pulled from the heap of rubble. she is in critical condition. at the scene the joy of the discovery of the survivor. >> it feels outstanding to be able to pu
. >>> and a good monday morning to everyone. we hope everyone had a nice weekend. we know that sam champion sure did. he's still out in los angeles where he did a great job co-hosting the daytime emmys last night and we'll check in with sam in just a moment and speaking of california, we have new pictures from out there of wildfires burning hot and fast, hundreds there already evacuated. and an alert about the health threat from all the smoke in the air. >>> we do begin with president obama arriving in northern ireland for a summit with world leaders amid new revelations that the united states and great britain spied on our allies at previous summit meetings. even intercepting communications of the russian president. it's the latest revelation from edward snowden and abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl has the latest from ireland. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. yeah, that's right. this latest classified leak from snowden in the "guardian" claims the u.s. and british spying included tapping into the phone calls and e-mails of former russian president democrat --
, ridged, old-fashioned." sam stein covers politics for the "huffington post." joy reid is the managing editor of the grios. both are now msnbc now veteran contributors. thank you, both. i tell you, sometimes i wonder why you have to pay for a report. i want to start with sam. i mean, sometimes, you know, what's today's date? going to put out a report and have somebody come back for the information? you know, we do know that the republican party based upon its performance in the last campaign blew it for the young people, meaning people if their 20 s and late teens. >> yeah, this report, it's sort of, as you said, stating now what is the obvious. mitt romney lost by 5 million votes, estimated among voters under 30 years old, which is a huge amount to make up for any candidate. and the conclusions here are pretty self-explanatory. the republican party, as you mention, is there to accept people when they've made success of themselves but won't help people make success of themselves. it goes through a litany of the data points to show there's image problems, but more importantly, i thought
to the severe weather up and down the east coast. at least two deaths so far. and, sam, this is a very, very serious line of storms. >> yeah, when you think about three days now we've been talking about this line of storms. half of the country has been involved in it. and the worst action was last night. we'll get to the boards and show you what's going on. this is what we were most afraid of, this kind of damage. because the ground so saturated all the way into new england. when the winds came through, they're not taking tree limbs down. they're taking trees down by the root balls and laying them over because the ground is so darn wet. this was a light derecho that started wednesday, and ran all of the way into thursday morning. then, you had the 1 24-hour period of more than 730 storm reports. if you can find the worst damage, it's right in here. and that's where our ginger zee is this morning, in rockville. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, sam. one of those huge trees right behind me, ripped from its roots and thrown into this house. let's give you a wider perspective. the
it. sam champion has the forecast for the first full day of summer. looks like a gorgeous day in the park, sam. >> good morning. everyone, i can officially report being here live on the scene that summer has startsed in central park. we have the party in the park with john legend today. a little rain in north dakota, more than a little, 6 inches in the red river valley. closing i-84. this is the strong and severe weather today. in north dakota, right in that zone, probably rain for a good part of the weekend. here is the warmth. and it is beautiful on this day of summer, 81 in new york city, 82 in boston, chicago, 89, orlando, 92, loredo, 90 degrees. your local forecast just 30 seconds away. they're warming up the crowd and john legend. brought to you by coppertone. >>> hi. i'm leyla gulen with your abc7 bay area forecast. a little warmer today than yesterday but still breezy conditions on our local waters. 78 degrees in oakland, 83 degrees along the coast in santa cruz. it is a beach day, 53 degrees at half moon bay. san rafael, 83 will be your high. inland, 86 will top out a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 674 (some duplicates have been removed)